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RPG experiences as a player instead of a GM

So with my new project and our current adventures, I'm currently the main GM for the group of players I have. It's a small group, only 3 of us including myself. But we have played together for a long time so the adventures are usually pretty full even with only a couple of players. Since we play as a small group the GM usually has a Character in the group as well, this allows for some extra firepower as well as if we ever want to rotate GM's we don't have to introduce a new char. Anyway, we got to a point in our adventure in which my Char ( a Kobold Wizard, 3rd level ) was separated from the party. Now playing in character my little wizard has an obsession with magic, and we were at the time inside an Elvin palace, so I decided the little guy would take this time to go out and find some magic ( hopefully a scroll or two to pick up some new spells ). So I talked to one of our players who has done some GM'ing in the past and asked him if he wanted to GM this section for me. Not to mention it would ramp him up on the GM tools I had created in my project, and see how someone else feels they work. So I load up my Char sheet and think to myself "wow, it's so much easier when your just worrying about this one sheet!". Anyway the GM starts and has me running away from some guards. I have only heard them but have not seen them yet. I end up running into a room that I had detected some magic from, and headed towards the source of the strongest magic I could feel. It was a small statue of a wolf sitting on a shelf. Now as a player and GM I knew exactly what this was, but being true to the game, I rolled my Magic Lore skill and epic failed it. So I think, hell yeah I just scored me a magic statue so I pick it up. So it grows into a huge hulking Wolf! So we roll init and I get the first go. I cast up my magic armor and prepare to parry with my trusty dagger. The first couple of rounds totally go my way. I do notice though that my spells only seem to be doing 1/2 damage. So I decide to play it smart and I cast telekinesis and start raining down furniture on the head of this thing. Using heavy object causing lots of damage. At this point I'm thinking to myself "yeah bitch suck it! No 1/2 strength crap is gonna slow me down!" at this point things start to go down hill. The GM feels that I am walking through this fight because the wolf has only hit my armor and not really caused any damage to me yet, so he decides that the chair I've been using to smash this wolf breaks, so I look for another chair ( after all the room was described as a waiting room filled with chairs and couches). I try another chair but now all the rest of the chairs are cheap knock offs and cause little damage, and break after one hit. Not to mention the wolf wises up and destroys the rest of the furniture, leaving me with nothing to attack him with except my dagger or my 1/2 power magic. At this point my roles start to go a little south, and I notice my PPE ( magic power ) starts dwindling. So I start switching from Magic power to my dagger, and now the real dilemma starts to show. See I'm a tride and true wizard with no real combat skills so I have a whopping +1 to my strike rolls with my dagger, and it only does 1d6 points of damage. Add that in with my low rolls and if I hit the damn thing I was only doing 1-3 points of damage :( ( for the record after the encounter I found that it had 80 HP and 80 SDC. so I had to deal 160 damage to this thing! So then the wolf actually gets past my magical armor and hits me, knocking all of my SDC and most of my hit points off. Now the GM sees the real issue here. See this guy is usually a fighter, and so he is used to taking hits and shrugging them off. He didn't realize that if I EVER get hit, it pretty much prepares me for death, after all I'm a wizard I can't take a real hit! So now the GM starts scrambling. I don't have enough magic energy to cast a spell, my magic armor fades away ( damn 1/2 duration! ) and I only have about 10 HP left. Basically 1 hit and I'm a dead man ( er kobold ). So the GM has me roll Lore Magic and I finally get it ( took about 3 tries! ) and I notice a magic crystal that seems to be draining my powers. I run over there and smash it, this frees up my spell strength issue and give me back 80 PPE. So I quickly summon my magic armor back and proceed to slam into this thing over and over with my magic bolts, finally bringing it down. However at the end of the encounter I am left with 2 PPE ( so no magic for me ) and back down to 20 HP and no SDC. We stopped playing after that because we ran out of time, but it was funny talking about it later, as the GM learned that Magic users are pretty powerful, but they do have weaknesses too, so if you take away the only power they really have, they are just bait :)

So anyway I had a really good time playing, and I think it was a good experience all the way around. I just hope next time, I don't have to use everything I got just to get past 1 silly statue ( or at least roll my magic lore skill before I pick the damn thing up! )


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