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Finally after a long break!

Well it looks like our RPG sessions might start up again after a longer than expected hiatus. It's annoying when life gets in the way of play, but it does happen from time to time. Anyway I've spent the morning making sure the server is running up to spec, and that the QJ is updated with the latest email questing Gnarr has done. I've setup a couple of sessions, hopefully we can nail both of them, but if we only get to 1 today, I'll be happy! I think it is time to ramp up the quest a bit, and push the story line a little faster. So hopefully there will be some good stuff happening in the next couple "lunch time power sessions"!

New Players!

So I just got a couple more players interested in trying out our Lunch time Power session RPG experiment! It will be interesting for a few reasons:

1) they are my sisters
2) One has some limited RPG exp back about 10 years ago
3) the other has NO RPG exp at all.

That being said, I think the first couple of session will need to be in person so we can work through how to use our web based system, and just get the feel of how to play the game in general.

With that being the case, instead of rolling them into our current game, I think I will start them in a new game, and ramp them up a bit slower. Once they get ramped up, I will then roll them into the main game.

I think this will be really cool, as both of them will bring some very different perspective to the way the rest of my group has been playing.

So we shall see....

Lunch Time power sessions, and Email RPG

So a group of my buddies started an RPG session a while ago. Due to the typical constraints of our lives: timezones, families, kids sports, chores, work, birthday parties, holidays, and life in general, we have been running what I like to call the Lunch Time power session! Our first issue is this: we live on different sides of the US right now, so physically getting together is pretty much not an option. However this is our core group of players that started back when we were like 12 ( ok some of us started around 18 but most of us around 12 but I digress)! The point is this is the group we wanted to play with. So I configured a server, through team speak on there, and got to coding. I created online interactive char sheets that calculate bonuses, attack rolls, saving throws, damage, ect, cleaning up all the crap that we always forgot to include anyway. Then we realized that getting together at night and having an online chat session was pretty much impossible too! So we tried …

Am I the only one?

That Hates everlong by the foo fighters? I just heard it on the radio
and really don't get it. I'm reminded how much I hate it when we play
guitar hero or rock band and EVERYONE wants to play that damn song! Oh
well I'll just force them to follow it up with some crazytrain! Now if
I could just get the radio station to always do that....

If I was on southpark!

So I created my Southpark image and decided to post it up here. I still love Sho-Nuff to much to actually replace my logo for twitter, but if I ever get board of it, I think this is a good alternative. Long live Libre Fighting!

You would think after 16 years!!!!!!

I wouldn't leave my friggin ATM card in the ATM machine! I swear I'm an idiot sometimes! It's funny I always give people crap for losing their stuff ( wallet, keys, car, ect ) because I NEVER lose things like that. I take pride that I always put my stuff in one place when I come home, so if it isn't on my person it is in that ONE location! As for losing my ATM card, I have never EVER done that! But sure enough I pulled out some cash my wife wanted asked me to pull out, then I hurried off to the store to finish off my shopping for the day. ( Note I was doing great on time! handled Costco, and Walmart in under an hour, and was on my way to finish the trifecta at VONS! ) Of course after a breezed through VONS and was in checkout 10 minutes after my arrival! I realize I don't have my ATM card....where could it be? O CRAP! still in the ATM machine at the bank anyone? Ok well there is no real meaning to this post other than I'm a dumb ass! And now I have …

RPG experiences as a player instead of a GM

So with my new project and our current adventures, I'm currently the main GM for the group of players I have. It's a small group, only 3 of us including myself. But we have played together for a long time so the adventures are usually pretty full even with only a couple of players. Since we play as a small group the GM usually has a Character in the group as well, this allows for some extra firepower as well as if we ever want to rotate GM's we don't have to introduce a new char. Anyway, we got to a point in our adventure in which my Char ( a Kobold Wizard, 3rd level ) was separated from the party. Now playing in character my little wizard has an obsession with magic, and we were at the time inside an Elvin palace, so I decided the little guy would take this time to go out and find some magic ( hopefully a scroll or two to pick up some new spells ). So I talked to one of our players who has done some GM'ing in the past and asked him if he wanted to GM this sect…

Am I the only person out there that likes GHWT better than Rock Band 2?

So I guess the first thing I should say is: I only own a wii ( no XBox360 or PS3 ). And having 2 kids and a wife means my gaming time is not all that much. So for XMAS we got GHWT the full band kit and RB2 the game only ( since the instruments from GHWT work with RB2 no issues ). So right out of the box we fired up GHWT with the family and had a great time. We threw in the cheat code to unlock all the songs so we could choose from a bigger selection in quickplay and it was a blast. So after about 2 weeks straight of GHWT goodness, my daughter and I decide we should throw in RB2 and see what it takes. After all, according to everyone on the net, GHWT instruments are better but RB2 the game is WAY better! ( so they say ). I mean this is exactly why we bought it in the setup we did. Anyway we popped in RB2, threw in the unlock code so we could try out our favorite songs. It seemed to have a more eclectic taste than GHWT, and a couple of the song selections I actually preferred R…