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Best Buy Rocks!

Ok so in today's society it is very rare for a consumer store to impress me. Usually the customer service is rude, and the sales people don't know what the hell they are talking about. However the exception to the rule for me this year was Best Buy. I bought GHWT for my daughter for Xmas back in November. From there it sat up in my attic for over a month and was wrapped up nice a pretty for her come Xmas day. Anyway the day after Xmas the clip on the drums that hold the drumsticks broke off on the inside. Now I give Best Buy a call and I talk to a girl and ask her if they have any more GHWT for the wii in stock. She says no but to call back in a couple of days. I ask if I need to bring in my busted one now, and they say no, just wait for more to be in stock. So yesterday I'm cleaning up my garage and see the GHWT box sitting there and I think to myself ( Games and stuff come in on Tuesday I should call Best Buy ). So I call and they have GHWT wii in stock. So I t…

Post from my iPhone

Ok so I'm testing the ability to write a blog on my iPhone. So far it seems to work pretty well. Just for the record the iPhone kicks the blackberry's ass any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

Blackberrys suck ass!

So a bit of a rant here. So for starters I do NOT own a blackberry, my wife does. Let me set the stage:
About 2 months ago my wife started looking for a new phone. She had an old razor that was working for her, but she needed something more. As the family schedule maker, group party planner ( for all of our extended family and friends ), she really needed a PDA type phone. Now at the time I had the Samsung Blackjack which I think is an awesome phone. I had reconfigured the entire home screen via the xml files, added apps for yahoo, syncing lotus notes email, then gmail, then gcal, yahoo cal, ect. At the end of the day with my cheappy little winmo device I had every app I needed for work and home without even using a memory card! Anyway she asked me what phone to get. I said I really like my phone, the only issue I have with it is when you try and dial phone numbers not in your addy book it is a pain because the full keyboard is always there. I recomended something that had ei…

Narrating text based rpg session

So I"m pondering something. Lately my crew and I have been doing some online chat RPG sessions. The first session and the latest session ( session 7 ) were audio sessions, however sessions 2 - 6 were all chat logs. The latest audio session we recorded and created an mp3 file. The nice folks over at rpgmp3 mentioned that we could post in on their site, however I realized that that single session wouldn't make much sense as you don't have any of the previous sessions to go over. So my ponder was this: What if we got the crew together and narrated the chat sessions ( as well as an overview of the first session ) and created audio sessions for these as well to post? I mean it isn't real game time, but it might actually add some thespianism to the whole thing. Anyway anyone have any comments?

Proud of my wife

So I'm a little late in posting this, but I've been a little busy lately. So my wife walked in the 3day breast cancer walk. She had to raise 2200 bucks and then walk 60 miles, sleep in a tiny tent with her sister, eat crappy food, and be away from her family when she really needed their support. Now don't get me wrong, we were there at almost every checkpoint, bringing propel, stickers, signs, and just plain encouragement. On the second day in, she had to have her feet lanced so she could get her shoes back on and finish the walk. The medics took so long that they wanted to bus her, but she just sucked it up, ran up the hill, got yelled at for running, proceeded to walk really fast, to beat the buses, and made sure she walked every step of the way. I have no inspiring words or awesome way to finish this, because everything I wrote above is the awesome part. I'm just the dude writing it down.

Good Job Honey! I love you!