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Why do people blog?

I found myself wondering about this very question a couple years ago. My friend asked me to create a myspace page, because he was posting a book he was thinking about publishing as blog posts on the site. However you need to have a myspace account to read it. So I complied, and like any certified geek, I tried really hard to adapt the new "social networking" site into my didn't work! It was my first step to feeling like an old man. "My wife has a myspace and she lives on that thing" I thought to myself, so I tried even harder. Filling out stupid surveys, questionairs, updating my profile over and over, and tried to add as many people I knew to my friends list.....and nothing! It did nothing but suck up the time I realized what I had done, I had a facebook, and a myspace, and people giving me crap for not "socializing". Now I consider myself a pretty verbose and friendly guy, so for ME to be anti-social, there must be a problem. So I solved it. I removed myself from both services. No more myspace, no more facebook....and my life was simple. So on to blogging. I read certian blogs, yet outside of people that provide some service to the public....web comic artists, actors, politicians, ect. I never really saw the reason an average everyday user would have a blog....I mean who cares what joe nobody is doing at 2am in the morning? And what is with all these problems and stories people post? Then I realized what it's a place for people to vent, and talk about things they can't talk about with the people around them. For me, it is my nerd side. My wife is normal, my kids are normal...I on the otherhand am a complete and total nerd. I read about 10 web comics daily, I live on my rss feeds, and love tabletop RPGs. Unfortunatly not many people whom I "socialize with" share these interests. So I realized I needed a way to share my feelings on these nerd'isms and found the perfect outlet....a blog. I don't care if anyone reads it, I don't care who knows about it. It's just my free shrink to share my nerdy thoughts that nobody cares about.

your friend,
joe nobody :)


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How Ram-Man got my son into RPGs.

This is a story about Ram-Man, and more importantly how he got my son to play RPGs with me they way they are meant to be played.
First a little background: My son loves rolling dice, so he has been "playing" RPGs with me for a good 6-7 months now. Although at the tender age of 3 1/2 he is far from being an avid role player. Anyway, he enjoyed rolling the dice, and basically playing out combat. It worked out really well for me, as I got into Savage Worlds around this time, and he was my always available player to test out game mechanics that were new and unfamiliar to me; I'm looking at you Mass Battles, Chases, Raises and Toughness. So while he helped me do this, and we even managed to create him a Character and introduce him into a little makeshift gaming group comprised of mostly newbies ( my little sister, my 12 year old Daughter, my Son and my old buddy through skype ), he never really got into anything other than rolling the dice, and uttering things such as &q…

New Players!

So I just got a couple more players interested in trying out our Lunch time Power session RPG experiment! It will be interesting for a few reasons:

1) they are my sisters
2) One has some limited RPG exp back about 10 years ago
3) the other has NO RPG exp at all.

That being said, I think the first couple of session will need to be in person so we can work through how to use our web based system, and just get the feel of how to play the game in general.

With that being the case, instead of rolling them into our current game, I think I will start them in a new game, and ramp them up a bit slower. Once they get ramped up, I will then roll them into the main game.

I think this will be really cool, as both of them will bring some very different perspective to the way the rest of my group has been playing.

So we shall see....

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